My Virtual Friend
About my virtual friend

About My virtual friend

Find out all about: personal development, friendship, family and other interesting things.
Because, that’s what friends are for.

Blog story:

Hi, I’m Andreea. A blogger and web designer.

I started this blog because I wanted to create a site where I could share my knowledge of couple and family therapy, a field in which I have studies and experience. But also to give life to my ideas of games and activities for a better communication and interaction between people.

The idea for the blog started because I always wanted an older brother or sister to give me life tips. But life has made me the biggest child from the family and the oldest from cousins. So, I was the one who gave advices, even to myself.

Initially, I wanted to call the blog My Big Sister but then I come to this name My Virtual Friend. Because although I’m not physically with you, I will give you advices, teach you from my experience, encourage and support you virtually in your personal development.

For whom is My Virtual Friend?

Although I could say that it is for everyone, this blog will be more for young people eager to learn new things, interact with loved ones and try new things.

I hope you will like My virtual friend and I invite you to find out more by reading my articles.

And now I’m going to advertise myself!

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