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Everything is selling – Trader’s Story.

Everything in this life is selling. Your image, ideas, and workforce.

My dear, in life, you have to present a good image.

When you negotiate salary, you are negotiating how much your workforce is worth in a time frame.

If you don’t know how to present your “goods” correctly, the person in front of you will think you are asking too much.

How do you present yourself to me like that?

Take care of what you present for selling.

  • Look at how you dress, how you talk, what you say, how you look at people.
  • Be dignified, but not with your nose up.
  • Dress elegantly, but not too much to embarrass the interviewer.
  • Respect the person in front of you whether they respect you or not.
  • Be diplomatic. Never say more than necessary.
  • Maintain the employer’s interest and make them feel they need you.
  • Smile, look the person in the eye, and share a bit of your world.

The art of selling is a lot like the art of conquering. Only there are more trophies to sell. To triumph, you can for seconds, minutes, and hours, but the art of selling is much more complex.

It’s not just what you get. It’s what you give. Making people feel like they’re worth that price. A true salesman wins you over forever.

If, at first, you’re the one pulling the customer. Eventually, the customer will come to you, asking what else you have new for him.

It’s a challenging game, but it has many advantages. 

– But Dad, 

I don’t want to sell anything, and I especially don’t want to be for selling.

– Sweetheart, I’m sorry to disappoint you. You were born into a world governed by a system based on selling. If you want a friend, you have to give something in return. It can be your time, money, information, affection, and the list goes on and on and on. Do you want to find a job? You will give yourself time, health, energy, and mental capacity.

You will offer affection and emotional, financial, and cognitive involvement in marriage. 

– I have nothing to offer the world.

– No person has anything to offer. You don’t know your value to be a better trader.

If you continue like this, you will go bankrupt because an intelligent customer knows how to take advantage of the salesman’s weakness. He knows how to buy bargains, not caring that the seller doesn’t know what treasure he is selling.

Many sell their treasures for nothing. I have taken advantage of such situations. It is not my role to teach those people lessons but to see they are valuable. At least I have nothing to gain. And that, my girl, should be drilled into your head.

I tell you all these things because I am bound to you by blood, which is my weakness. Every people has his weakness. But in sales, it’s best to hide the imperfections and the flaws and make the customer focus on the qualities.

Nothing in this world is perfect. But that doesn’t mean we have to wait for perfection to buy, hire, make friends, get married, etc.

Look at the world this way: When you choose something, the most important is that the list of advantages you have outweighs the list of disadvantages.

You are young, and the educational system is not designed to make you realize your value. If you are only interested in having someone buy your product without making the customer realize that they need that product. That is a bad sales relationship. When you are not interested in showing that the product helps people, they can still find other quality products.

In addition, many want to take advantage of your naivety. Why buy at actual value when you can buy bargains?

Because you are also thinking about profit, the most considerable profit is earned from human naivety.

And, my dear:

The actual value increases the more people need you. And you’re choosing your clientele. You decide who deserves to be your customer and who doesn’t.

– And …

How can I find out who’s worth me?

– Because you’re young, you’ll make many mistakes, and that’s good. That’s how you’ll learn to select your clients and realize your worth. I know it hurts to learn from mistakes, but only life can teach you that lesson.

It’s just like the story of the money you worked for.

You know, when the father sends his son to work. But he doesn’t go, and his mother gives him a penny to show his father what he’s earned. The father throws the penny into the fire every time, and the son doesn’t care. But when he goes to work for real, because his mother can’t give him any more money, he throws himself into the fire. Because the money you worked for is worth a lot more.

I’m sure you realize your value when you work a whole day, and someone comes along and makes a mockery of your work. I’m sure you recognize your importance when someone mistreats you. When you know damn well, you’ve done nothing to deserve it.

When you’re young, you see injustice more clearly to yourself and others.

And if, as a young person, you try to ignore all this, to passively accept it, you will never develop your self-worth.

You will see many old people who accept all the devaluations.

With age, we become blind to the devaluation in our world.

Maybe because we’re tired of fighting it all our lives. It could be because we compare ourselves to who we once were and think we no longer have the energy we once had.

It’s a stupid idea, and it’s nobody’s job to teach them to know their worth. I, for one, have nothing to gain. I love bargains and want to keep them.

Value depends a lot on how many people need you. If you think you have nothing to offer, then you don’t. The boutique only opens when the owner wants it to.

– How do I get as many customers as possible? 

Do I have to comply?

– To a certain extent, yes, but the taste is educated. It’s good to know how to show the world that, even if people don’t realize it, they need that product. And if they don’t need it now, you have to project in their minds the idea that one day they will need it and they can come to you.

– And …

How do I earn more from “selling”?

The first step in selling is to know your product and its value.

You can even overestimate the importance, but don’t force the issue.

If you want an exercise in knowing your value, you can write down in a notebook as many ways as you can to present yourself. Presenting yourself to colleagues, friends, in an interview, strangers, to your future lover, the more presentations you try, the better.

That way, you know who you are and what you can offer.

– What if I refuse to be part of this system …

What if I don’t want to sell myself and sell something else?

– You may refuse now, but in time you’ll find you have no choice. Whatever you want to do in this life comes down to this. Because this system of collaboration has become synonymous with selling.

I only help if there’s something in it for me, stick around if there’s something in it for me, and so on. This is normal.

– It doesn’t seem normal to me. If selling is what most people do, I don’t want to do that. 

Why do you think what’s normal is right?

– Nobody said anything about fairness. Selling it’s the basis of the world; you can’t destroy it without destroying the world.

It’s like saying you want to destroy the foundation of a house, but the place can still stay standing.

You can’t destroy anything before you build something, and we’re back to trade again.

You can’t gain something without losing something else, and vice versa. Only destroy a value system based on the world by exchanging other values.

You’re young, and that’s why you’re thinking about change without seeing the whole picture. The system is correct. What you think is wrong is how it is applied. Which, my dear girl, is something else entirely.

– Yes, you’re right, that’s what I meant, but not only that. 

I don’t want to be seen as an asset. 

And I don’t want to be seen as an object that walks from dirty hands to dirty hands. I don’t want to be treated like an object.

– You take everything too seriously. You won’t be objectified if you don’t let yourself be objectified.

People tend to value objects, but is that an insult to things?

On the contrary, they give value because, to them, those things have value.

Are you upset when someone values your beauty, intelligence, and work?

– No, but I get upset that they don’t see what I want them to see.

– But that’s just the trader’s fault.

It’s not the customer’s job to look for your qualities. It’s up to you to know them and emphasize what you want them to see.

Think of him as a blind man. You must be patient with him and explain what he can’t see.

– What do I do if that person doesn’t appreciate what I appreciate?

How can I make people respect me more?

– Are you afraid? It’s expected that what you have to offer sometimes differs from what the customer wants. That’s why you choose your clients, who appreciate your offer.

It’s a great thing to find someone who appreciates what you have to offer. Who doesn’t claim to deserve it for free?

It would be best if you steer clear of people like that. They’re like the hedgehog in the story. They warn you, but fate makes you; until you don’t confront him, you don’t learn to stay away.

– Everything you’re telling me is complicated. 

How am I going to handle it alone?

– When you were born, you didn’t say it was hard, you were just born, and I’m glad you did. You’re an extraordinary person who has all the resources to succeed. You may not see your strength now, but know that the hero always comes to save the day when needed.

When you are alone, when no one helps you, when no one trusts you, only one person will stay by your side no matter what, YOU. You can rely on yourself, don’t rely on me because I am transient, like any other person in your life.

The people in your life are the people who help you discover yourself and your strengths.

The only person who matters is you. You live your life, not someone else’s. You know best what’s best for you. And you know what you’ve been through has changed you into who you are.

If you’re afraid, know that it’s very typical. And if you’re so scared to do something, it’s best to do it. You’ll find that most of the time, you’ll think, “why was I afraid?”.

– Why are you helping me, dad? 

What’s in it for you?

– I’m helping you because helping you helps me. What good is knowing if you have no one to share what you know? Does the price suit you?

– I’m OK with it, but I still feel like you’re hiding something from me, that it’s not the total price I have to pay. Just listening, learning and applying is the price?

– Isn’t that enough?

Because you’re my child, you pay a much higher price. I expect many great things from you. I wish you to teach others from your experience. And I hope you to be my customer forever and always ask me what else I have, new or old, that could help you.

– But…

What’s in it for me?

– You gain only if you know what to ask and how to ask it.

So ask, I dare you to ask, and not only from me but everyone around you. Because if you don’t ask, people won’t know what you want.

– I want not to be so dependent on you and others.

– And how are you going to do that?

– Well, I don’t know, you won’t tell me?

– You said you don’t want to depend on me, which means you’ll have to figure it out yourself.

– I’ll make the world depend on me.

– If that suits you, you can solve your problems and those of others. Is that what you want? You’ve indeed turned the scales backward.

From being a total addict to becoming the ruler?

– I understand it’s good to maintain a balance in what you do. Extremes aren’t good. Only balance is best. Yet it’s challenging to keep harmony in a world that draws you to extremes.

– Yes.

The final and starting question might be, “what do you want your life to be like?”. If you answer that question, you also know how to live your life, what choices to make and what kind of things you want to achieve.

– Wake up, wake up, don’t you hear? Come on. We’re late for school.

– I had the strangest dream of talking to my dad, even though I’d never met him.

– Sometimes, we all need a father. It’s normal to dream about what you miss.

– Yes, you’re right, sis. At least we’re close to each other (I wonder what you have to gain from this. . .?).

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