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Everything you need to know about women

Learn everything about women to get along with them better. Discover the most common characteristics and the explanation behind their behavior.

The presentation below is generally applicable to the female gender. One or two things might differ from person to person. All the things I am going to discuss are things I have observed in myself but also in other women I have interacted with. I will objectively explain the behavior based on demographic, psychological, and biological studies.

I have listed recommended books below for those who want to learn more about women.

The most common questions men have about women are:

1. Do women like “bad boys”? 

Movies have exaggerated this until it has become an idea taken as universal truth. I’ve even noticed that this technique (the man acting like a jerk) is used in schools that teach men how to pick up women.

Women who choose evil men are the ones who fall in love faster and become too dependent on the man (and can become jealous and depressed).

The truth is that there are women who choose such a man and women who choose good men.

Those who choose a terrible man do so for one of the reasons below:

  • Have low self-esteem, feel that there are no good men for them, and have to settle for someone who treats them poorly.
  • They have had fathers or men who mistreated them and have learned wrongly that these gestures are gestures of love.
  • Or have had bad fathers (violent, alcoholic, drug addicts, etc.) whom they wanted to save and change. And because they failed, women hope to keep the violent man in their lives.

However, a woman who respects herself and realizes her value will choose a man who respects, loves, and appreciates her. And her relationship with a man will be much more mature and natural.

So, only some women prefer evil men.

2. Why is it that when you ask a woman if everything is OK, she says YES, but the answer is NO?

In this context, the woman wants to show that she is strong and cannot be affected. However, it is a facade. It’s a stubbornness that we find in men, too, when they don’t know something and don’t want to ask someone how they can do it. These behaviors are not done out of an ill will. However, the relationship will improve if you talk openly about these miscommunications.

Men don’t understand a woman’s little signals that everything isn’t OK. That’s why the woman should say openly if something is bothering her.

3. Why does a woman always think about getting married and having children?

It’s not something we only see in women. Some men are interested in this too. And some women don’t want marriage or children but want a career. So you can’t generalize that every woman dreams of weddings and children.

Women who want to get married and have children are telling you directly that they are not interested in a transient relationship. They want something stable, something profound. These girls want these things as much as some men are interested in having a successful career and all their work and efforts are focused on what they want.

Both women and men have the feeling that you can change in your partner what they want, which is wrong, at least in matters as crucial as your purpose in life.

If a woman wants a family and children, she will get that or go with a man who can give her that. It’s pretty simple.

As for why she wants a family and children?

People choose a purpose for their life, which influences what they think about most of the time and what area of their life they put the most effort into.

The two types of goals people can have are:


  • want to give a lot to society, 
  • like to interact, 
  • feel fulfilled when they have helped or cared for someone, 
  • want people around them (family, children, friends, etc.), 
  • usually, choose careers where they interact with people, 
  • have more energy when they talk 
  • get depressed when they are alone.


  • are usually typical,
  • feel good the more tasks they accomplish on their “Do” list,
  • make a plan for their goals which they try to stick to,
  • don’t like unpredictability, 
  • are more unenthusiastic about interacting with people, 
  • dealing with people tires them out, 
  • want a career, 
  • enjoy creating concepts, products, or services that make an impact, 
  • are more interested in personal prestige.
  1. Why do women buy a lot of shoes and bags?

This is not a general truth. But, like the man’s habit of buying tools and electronics to feel more manly, a woman buys shoes and bags to feel more feminine.

4. Why does the woman say she doesn’t want any food, get a salad, and then eat the man’s food?

Because girls don’t want to overeat, they don’t want to get fat, but they don’t see it as cheating to eat what you already have.

5. Why don’t women take the first step more often in asking a man out or telling him she likes him?

Women don’t take that step because she likes you to show them you’re a man. That you’re confident enough in your strengths. You can take on the “head of the household” role. A person who knows what he wants and fights for it. That’s what she wants.

6. Are all women materialistic?

First of all, women are not materialistic. They’re pragmatic. Women think, how can you take care of her if you can’t take care of yourself? If women want a family, she will think about how her husband can support the family.

Women tend to take a longer view of life than men, so they think about the financial side of things (“OK, now we love each other, but we still have to eat”). 

But some women overlook the financial aspect of the people they love. Some women work side by side with their husbands to take care of the family (best case scenario), and some women work and bring home the money themselves.

7. Why don’t women like to be told they’re getting old?

Women know they’re getting old. You don’t need to tell them. If you insist on saying it, no wonder they get angry with you. And she’s upset because she feels it’s an insult and that you’re telling her she doesn’t look well anymore. Just like men think it’s an insult when you tell them they’re bald.

8. Why does a woman go to the bathroom with other women?

To talk and not get bored alone. There’s no mystery of “women’s sect” or what men imagine. Besides, this gives us more courage to talk, to ask for wipes or sanitary napkins if we don’t have any, to ask if we have stained ourselves, and to ask other questions.

9. Why do women like to put up and dress up in nice clothes?

Because those things make her feel good about herself. Even though she is a pretty woman without makeup and all sorts of fuss, a woman tends to have a wrong impression of herself.

This is due to the perfect model girls seen in magazines and movies. The high estrogen levels could make her very sensitive to remarks about herself (and most of the time, when a girl is offended, she is called ugly).

That’s why most women care a lot about their physical appearance and emphasize how they look.

10. Is a woman a mystery?

She is not a mystery. Those who say that women are a mystery don’t understand women and don’t want to try to understand them. And to avoid testing the theory, they prefer to label MYSTERY.

Another problem is that woman needs to learn to explain to the man the reason behind her behavior. This is characteristic of most people because learned behaviors become automatic (we do them without thinking about why and how we do them). We are not taught to self-analyze with others and are not prepared to explain why we feel or act a certain way.

The things that can help you understand yourself and others better are:

  • meditation
  • books and research in psychology
  • therapy
  • trying to explain your habits and arguing your decisions and opinions

Other things you need to know about women

11. Women like to receive compliments.

She likes getting compliments as much as the man likes it. Most of the time, she gets compliments about her physical appearance. However, if you can give her compliments about her personality and the work she puts in, you will win her over forever.

12. Women tell you their problems because they want to be listened to, not solved.

From her point of view: if she tells you how she feels and what girls are going through, it shows that she trusts you, loves you, and wants you to get to know her better. She wants you to be there for her and tell her everything will be OK and that you trust her to handle it. She doesn’t need you to give her a solution because she can find one.

From his point of view: because he loves her, he wants to make her happy, and when she tells him she’s unhappy if she has a problem to be solved. It’s a joy for him to be the reason for her happiness, as she is the reason for his enjoyment. In his mind, it all seems very clear. If I help her solve her problem, there is no problem. That means she’s happy, and I’m so glad.

The problem is that the woman’s and man’s logic are different. If neither of us gets out of this personal logic block, frustration and problems in interaction arise. One of you has to let go of their way of seeing things.

13. Every woman is different, so treat her as such.

I often meet men disappointed in love who generalize that all women are the same, that they can’t find a good woman, etc. The same thing happens to women disappointed in love.

If you start from the premise that everyone is the same, you will never be open to meeting the right person for you. In a puzzle game, there are a thousand pieces, but you need to have the patience to find which part fits each one to solve the puzzle. You need to look at each person as someone new who you need to get to know first and then give your opinion. Don’t think, having met 2-3 people, that you know them all.

14. For her, intimacy means being closer to you.

When a woman starts to get to know someone, she wants to find out as much as possible, to spend more time together, to talk about everything that is going on with her, and she tends to think that if she likes all these things, he must like her too, otherwise, he doesn’t love her.

For men, feelings and interaction with people can become very tiring. That’s why they want to feel that they are not suffocated by love.

In this case, the most important thing is to discuss your expectations. And to dispel the mysteries and the tendency to give your opinion about what the other thinks or wants.

15. Women are always on guard.

The high number of attacks by men on women means that women are always on their guard. That’s why they behave suspiciously when a man makes a nice gesture. In her mind, she always thinks there is something behind this gesture.

16. Just because she’s a woman doesn’t mean she’s not vital.

I’m going to sound like I’m advertising Dove, but that’s the truth. Nothing stops us from working as hard as men, joining the military and defending our country, being leaders and changing minds, and changing lives.

17. Women smile more.

Sometimes it’s because we’re taught to encourage the people we love and enjoy being with them. Other times it’s to hide the fact that we’re stressed, don’t have solutions, and don’t want to be scolded for our mistakes.

18. Women are much better at organizing, managing, and multitasking.

These qualities are due to training in these things since the family of origin and the brain’s flexibility. It’s a fact proven in a psychological study. For more details, read the study here.

19. Spatial orientation is terrible.

Not generally true for all women but valid for most women, according to research done on spatial orientation.

20. They have a more substantial visual and shape memory.

As I mentioned in the article, Everything you need to know about men, men find it more difficult to find a thing, whereas women find it easy. Although we try to impose the idea that we are all the same, we cannot deny that there are differences between women and men. Some differences are influenced by society, and others are influenced by testosterone and estrogen, which affect brain development differently in women and men during the uterine period.

These differences can be seen from birth when girls are more attracted to human faces than boys.

21. If you say there are fewer men than women, you won’t get her to run after you.

In general, woman is not desperate for men. She had a personal life before she met you and could have it without you. And the fact that men live less or more is not why she will jump into bed quickly.

A person’s qualities are the things that make us fall in love with someone, not the number of years they have to live.

22. It’s hard being a woman.

To live up to the standards of beauty imposed by society. And to maintain a balance between career and family life.

It’s hard to take care of the kids, keep the house clean, cook the food, wash the clothes and dishes, work, and take care of yourself.

We juggle daily activities and hope to do everything possible to please everyone.

And it’s incredibly frustrating that after so much work, you keep being given things to do as if you’re not allowed a moment to breathe.

23. If she wants to change you, he loves you.

A woman’s social orientation makes her more emotionally intelligent. Thus, the woman realizes the potential of the people around her and wants to help them develop.

Sometimes this behavior is taken by men as “she doesn’t like the way I am now,” but the truth is that she doesn’t do it out of malice. She does it because she loves you and wants to help you have even more reasons to be proud of yourself.

24. Women read subtle emotions better than men.

This fact is proven by Brizendine’s study “The Female Brain” and Brizendine’s “The Male Brain.”

Unlike men, when it comes to manifesting how we feel and paying attention to detail, we are masters. It’s also due to our social orientation, language development, and upbringing to care for our family and feel good. This is how we develop our “antennae for receiving what others feel.”

25. Yes, women have moods.

Due to hormonal fluctuations, a woman can go from one state to another quickly. These states are most often manifested during the menstrual cycle by crying and nervousness. Testosterone and estrogen levels influence her personality and mood.

Attention! These crying and nervousness symptoms also occur when she has not had sex for a long time.

Attention! Let her manifest herself and help her with tea, massage, pills, or other things she needs. In none of these cases should you tell the woman in your life why she is nervous or sensitive?

26. Yes, she likes sex, but don’t force it.

Who doesn’t like to feel loved? Sex is one of the ways to feel loved, but for a woman to feel good, she needs to feel good about herself with her man.

27. She likes someone to take care of her.

We all like that. To have someone take care of us and us take care of someone.

This makes us more human and open to loving and letting ourselves love ourselves.

I have encountered exceptions of radical feminist women who want to prove that they can handle themselves in any area of life.

When you let someone take care of you, you manage to let your guard down and let them get to know you. You are not weak if you allow someone to warm you when you are cold, open the door for you, or make other friendly gestures out of caring for you. You are simply a person who is open to being loved.

28. She likes men who know how to treat her.

Being appreciated and respected, talking to her, and other things you can also learn from the article What do men and women want in a relationship?

29. She is not her man’s mother.

Many of us tend to choose our mates in life according to a specific pattern (a particular portrait). Most of the time, this portrait of the perfect woman and man starts from the image of our parents. We do this unconsciously, called by psychologists the Oedipus or Electra Complex

Because our parents are the first couple, we meet as children. And a lot of our loving behavior we create in this pattern.

For example, if our parents don’t show much love, we learn to be that way with the person we love. If our mother or father showed their love in a certain way, we expect in adulthood to receive love from our partner in this way.

However, let’s not forget that the chosen woman has her personality, life experiences, and model of “what a couple looks like.”

When everyone comes with their pattern, which is often different from that of their partner, relationship problems arise. Neither realizes that people are frustrated that they are not receiving love the way they want to obtain it. And they don’t understand the gestures they have learned are the way to show their love.

It is best to remember that we are not our parents, that our partner is not our mother or father, and that we should not take it as universally true that for a relationship to be perfect must be like our parents.

30. What does it mean to be a feminist?

I can only avoid this topic if I want to explain what women are like.

If we are to talk about discrimination, black men have been abolished from slavery, and women still fight for the right not to be killed by their men without being judged. Women have had and still have a lot to fight for their rights.

We often discuss equal rights, which is still a topical issue for women.

In Saudi Arabia, it was only a few years that women were given the right to have a driving license. And the change only happened because car manufacturers pushed for the transition to increase the number of car sales.

For example, Romania still has bureaucratic problems protecting women, victims of men’s violence. Few know that they can ask for protection against their aggressor in court. Many people keep the traditional mentality of staying in a relationship with the aggressor to not separate children from their father.

Today the feminist woman is the person who fights for equal rights with men.

However, a feminist is wrongly portrayed as a person who behaves more and more like a man. She is a woman who doesn’t need a man next to her. Or that she is a highly sexual and uninhibited woman.

But what has led to the role changes? The more masculine woman and the more feminine man are not caused by feminism. Societal changes cause them.

The educational style, the openness to new information, the transparency for women to express their frustrations and anger openly, and the encouragement of men to talk about how they feel. All this has led to and is still changing the portrait of men and women.

31. Women need to estimate time more reasonably.

Most often, we encounter this when getting ready to go out. The internal clock tells people it takes less time than it does.

I can’t say that only women don’t estimate time reasonably. Some men need to count time better. What throws people and their “internal clock” off is: too little and irregular sleep, artificial light, lack of a regular and healthy eating schedule, and stress.

32. Women live longer.

Because their systems age much more slowly and are much more robust, and white blood cells release more slowly, women live longer.

In addition, men tend to make impulsive decisions that can help them die faster.

33. She’s not a goddess. She’s a person.

Like men, women are different from each other physically, character-wise, in what they desire, and in other areas. Some are mean, and some are sweet.

The fact is, she’s not a being from another planet. She is not a person who is always right and can’t be wrong.

34. Women remember things and events much better on an emotional level.

This is demonstrated in the Hamann, Stephan study “Sex Differences in the Responses of the Human Amygdala .” Due to the development of more vital emotional intelligence, women often connect memories and knowledge with their feelings.

Recommended Bibliography to learn more about women:

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