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friendship not just a fairytale

Friendship – not just a fairytale

Discover friendship, and how you can become a better friend with these simple tips you can apply now in your life.

Imagine we’re in a beautiful enchanted playground in Unicorn Land, sliding down a rainbow-colored slide, and we land on the question:

What exactly is friendship?

You might think it’s a pretty simple answer, like when you share your candy with your best friend. But what if I tell you there’s more in the magical pot of friendship jelly beans?

Like every superhero has its special powers, friendship also has unique characteristics! So, let’s explore this in our way, and let’s discover, shall we?

  • Friendship has a magic ring of connection. Imagine you’re a monkey and find another monkey who loves bananas as much as you do! That’s how most friendships start. You find your banana buddy in your neighborhood, school, or job.
  • Next in line is the superpower of vulnerability. Say you have a boo-boo from falling off a swing. Your true friends are those with whom you aren’t afraid to show your scrapes, and they say, “That must hurt,” before putting a bandage on you. Here’s a secret, Every human becomes a superhero when they share their boo-boos and still love themselves. Remember, people don’t like you because you’re perfect but because you’re human, just like them!

Now, true friendship is like building the most enormous sandcastle. It won’t happen in a snap of a finger! You need to work, craft cool ideas, and make sure your castle stands strong while having fun.

  • Also, it’s about acceptance. Remember your imaginary friend, Barbara, the talking squirrel? If someone’s your friend, they’ll accept Barbara and your crazy ideas. But they’ll also tell you if Barbara starts becoming ill-mannered. Being accepted doesn’t mean turning a blind eye to bad behavior.
  • Imagine trust as an invisible thread. You can’t see it, but it’s very important when making stuffies. You need to give someone a thread before they can give you one.
  • Communication! Just like picking up your walkie-talkie and saying, “Do you copy?” Whether it’s through talking on the phone, meeting at birthday parties, or sneaking off to the treehouse, continue to chat with your friends!
  • Now, how about memories and experiences? Just like collecting shiny pebbles in your special treasure box and sharing them with your friends. Keep adding to the box together.

True friendship means being like a superhero, saving your friend from a villain, or just from feeling blue. But remember, sometimes superheroes need a bit of a reality check too. They learn, grow, and become better.

My Virtual Friend

When we make a difference in someone’s life, it’s magical! And guess what? Friendship gives us that magic wand. It motivates us to chase our dreams and sprinkles happiness dust along the way.

What is true friendship?

Being a friend means being the loudest cheerleader, providing a blanket fort during hard times, and throwing a party on your pal’s victory. If your friend were a monster under your bed, instead of gossiping about it, you would be telling your classmates how cool it is to have a monster as a friend!

Just like planting a magical beanstalk, friendship needs patience. You need to water it, care for it, and watch it grow into a stunning beanstalk leading to a cloud castle!

  1. True friendship means communication. The changes that life creates can make us distance ourselves from our friends. Whether it is family life, a job, a change of residence, or a change of hobbies and activities that bring us closer, friendship disappears without communication. Try to talk on the phone, on social platforms, to meet physically at birthdays or other events in your life. Try to keep in touch, to continue to have a friendship.
  2. True friendship means sharing memories and experiences. If, at the beginning of the relationship, we can become friendly due to the entourage that makes us meet, later, the friendship can be closer as there are more memories and experiences of our mini-group. To have shared memories, each of us must take the initiative to meet with the other and outside the environment that helped us to make friends.
  3. Friendship means forgiving and helping. It’s hard to be objective and realize when you’ve hurt someone, but in true friendship, you learn to forgive and help your friend change. However, let’s not exaggerate with the forgiveness of behavior. Sometimes, one can learn to change when given implemented upgrades, no matter how hard they both might be.
  4. Friendship means making a difference in one’s life. They motivate us to move on, give us the courage to fulfill our dreams and unite us with other people to change society. At the end of our lives, we certainly do not think about what we have worked and created, but we think about our relationships, the memories with our loved ones, and the friendships that made us endure so many things.
  5. Friendship means providing support and encouragement. A true friend is your number one fan. The support and encouragement that a genuine friendship offers, I think, is the main reason why we love and want someone’s friendship. Be with your friends when it’s hard, and give them advice when needed. To participate in your friends’ pleasant events, enjoy them, congratulate them, and appreciate their achievements.
  6. Friendship means saying beautiful things about that person even when he is not near you. Gossiping is not OK. But to say what you appreciate about your friends and what you can learn from them, even when they are not in the same room, shows how much that person means to you.
  7. Friendship means patience. Be patient to know her. Be patient to understand it. And be patient because a friendship is not created overnight, and an eternity is not maintained without any effort on your part.
  8. Friendship is a relationship in which you dare to tell the truth. You can’t be friends with someone unless you show who you are. Do not seek false excuses as to why you cannot meet this person. Talk honestly about what you want, what you believe, and what you feel.
  9. Friendship is the relationship in which we offer and receive love, respect, and acceptance. From this point of view, the friendship relationship is problematic for those who believe they can measure what they offer and give. You cannot control how often you have received something from a friend; if you do not provide the same amount, you are not a true friend.

Lastly, friendship isn’t a candy store where you count how many candies you have given and received. It’s more like a free ice cream stand: you offer it with love and receive calm, sweet smiles back.

My Virtual Friend

So, what do you think? Did you find your fairytale friendship? What is friendship to you?

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