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How to make a decision

Find out how to decide without regret using nine methods.

Are you facing an important decision and don’t know what to choose?

I’ve prepared this article for you. Here you will find some methods that will help you make the best choice in a relatively short time.

Every day you have thousands of choices to make, some will change your day, and others can change your whole life.

It is undoubtedly helpful for some decisions not to be taken in a hurry, but the more you think about a problem, the more difficult it can be to make a decision. Therefore, I have created this list of steps to get you out of the blocking situation.

So let’s see what these methods are.

1. Find out what YOU do so you can make a decision!

Many people think it would be easier to decide if they had no feelings. But a psychological experiment, created by mistake, will change your mind. Without feelings, you become a robot that calculates which is the best decision and makes it.

Due to an accident, a person who had affected his brain lost that part of dealing with feelings. Psychologists wanted to know if it was easier for him to decide, and they applied various tests. This experiment shows psychologists that people can’t fix without feelings. We can only determine what is most important to them when the quality is addressed. A person without feelings could calculate quantitatively, which is a good decision, but if there is an equal number of pros and cons, only emotion can help you choose what is suitable for you.

What helps us make decisions is precisely the fact that we realize, depending on our values, what we” love” more or less.

This makes us:

  • Try to save someone, even if my own life is in danger.
  • Show my love, even if I can be rejected.
  • Take care of others, even if it is sometimes difficult for me.

Because decisions are not necessarily related to a well-defined result and only with benefits, they are also associated with what we love to do and who we want to become.

2. Find out who has control over your life. 

You can find out what stops you from making a decision!

Often you can get stuck in deciding because you feel you have no power over the situation.

You can say that” your parents are in control of your lives,” and this belief makes you expect them to give their opinion, whether it is about choosing your faculty, your lover, or your car. As long as you wait for approval from others, you will feel powerless. And at the same time, if the decision is wrong, you will blame others for your unhappiness. Thus, you put yourself as a victim of fate, family, boss, or other entities over which you have no control.

But your happiness and unhappiness depend only on you, not on others. It is not the duty of others to make decisions for you. You must make your personal choices. Take control of your life by making the decisions yourself, and you will see how, with each decision made, you will learn to take them faster and choose better.

3. You can only sometimes be 100% sure of your decision.

But that can’t stop you from making a decision.

Perfectionists usually want to control as much of the “unpredictability” that life offers. But nothing, in reality, can achieve the perfection of our minds. Whatever you plan, the deeper you get into the scenarios, the more you think you’re not quite ready for them. 

The truth is that no one is 100% prepared for what life offers. We all improvise in life.

For example, The first date. You have prepared yourself, perfumed yourself, maybe you have some questions, and established the location and an activity you can do together. But you don’t know how the other person is… After a few years, you are thinking of the first date, but you forget that you had many emotions at first, that you may have forgotten her or his name and other things. What can you learn from all this experience? The important thing was that you were both there and you met. It can be something different than everything perfect to get the best result. In this case, “find your life partner.”

So don’t be scared. It is vital to make a decision that offers the most benefits for you. If the decision is wrong, you can always cancel it. If there are things you need to change, you can always do that. And along the way, you can make changes or improvements to what you have decided.

4. Make a Pros and Cons list.

As I mentioned above, it may be beneficial to consider a decision’s advantages and disadvantages. Then, depending on the version with the most benefits and negligible drawbacks, you can choose what you want. 

The good part about this method is that it reduces your time to decide.

5. Think about how you see yourself in the future with one decision or another.

I challenge you to think about your future if you make a decision. This method will help you make a decision faster and help you find some steps to take to reach the result.

One thing I did in my personal life, which I recommend to everyone, was to visualize my future with the person who wanted to be my boyfriend. After a series of questions and analyzing his behavior on the dates with me and the person who served us, I wondered if I would see myself in the future with this person … I had many such first and last dates. Among them were: men still in love with the former, immature men, men who considered themselves superior to me, with a strong desire for control or too comfortable with their own life. Ultimately, my love was the person I saw myself in the future.

6. Limit the number of things to choose from.

You can get stuck in deciding when you have too many options. Because these can make you feel that you have yet to consider all the options and can always find a better option.

Such a problem is usually faced by people who have commitment problems. They always think they could find a better job, a life partner with more qualities, etc. It is good to have ideals in life to look for, but what people do not say is that: good things are built. You do not find them in life specially created for you with all the qualities.

Returning to this decision method, try to reduce the number depending on your wants when you have too many options. So you will get five or three options or even fewer. You choose the options depending on what you want to do, creating a much narrower list of variants. This method is proper, for example, when deciding on the field of study or the area of activity.

The limitation of the options is used by some sellers and people who offer various services. You will notice, for example, sites where you have only three variants of service, which helps the customer choose an option more easily. If they had too many options, they would forget, get bored of them, and be more likely to leave your site.

7. What advice would you give a friend if he had been in your place?

It is a helpful method because it forces you to look at the problem from another perspective. 

By thinking objectively from another person’s eyes regarding the situation, you can discover new solutions you can implement. 

If you can’t get into someone else’s skin to make a decision, you can call a friend directly. Ask for help with an opinion. What decision would you have made if he or she had your problem? And then decide if it would be harder for you to do what that friend tells you.

8. Find out more about the things you need to choose!

You can fall into the situation of not making a decision when you need to learn more about your options. 

That is why it is helpful to be informed. In addition, when you know more about the variants, you can clearly understand some of the steps you need to take to get to what you want.

9. What are your fears, and how can you eliminate them?

  • What worst scenario can happen if you choose a specific thing? 
  • Is there guilty about deciding because of other people? 
  • Do you feel pressure from others? 
  • What other fears do you have?

Put all these fears into a list on a paper, then analyzes each fear. Is it credible, can it really be accomplished, or is it something you thought could happen and, in reality, has no basis for turning like that?

If the fears can be fulfilled, create a plan. How can you reduce the wrong side, or can someone help you to eliminate the nasty side?

Finally, trust your instinct and make a backup plan if things go wrong.

Because you know best what makes you happy and what doesn’t, find what decision respects your values ​​and what helps you get closer to your goals and mission in life. So do not be afraid and do not delay your decisions.

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