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Life Chronicles – My own dog Hachi

Discover the story of my dog, his adventures, and how he changed my life. In this Life Chronicles series, find a story from my life.

Imagine a pint-sized, super cuddly, fluffy, tail-wagging bundle of joy. That’s what my dog, Dove, was—an adorable little fuzzball who would melt the coldest of hearts with a single puppy-eyed look. Do you have a pet who touched your heart and whipped up a storm of happy memories?

I’d love to hear your tales in the comments.

Picture this as a warm, snuggly story blanket, part of my ‘Life Chronicles’ series. Here, I ask a fun question, unspool my story in response, and then pass the storytelling baton to you. So, Super Storyteller, it’s your turn next!

Now, let’s press the rewind button and introduce you to the star of our tale – Dove, my furry best friend.

Ever watched ‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale’? Well, Dove was my very own Hachiko, the most loyal and loving fur friend I ever had. Over two decades ago, when we planted our roots in the countryside, we were gifted this cuddly little wonder.

My Dove dog, my Hatchi

He didn’t have the pedigree of a show dog, but boy, was he beautiful! A gray-brown furball with large, thoughtful eyes that ignited your imagination as though they housed a wise old wolf. His antics were adorable—chasing after doves like they held the secret to a universe full of unlimited treats! Thus, he was christened Dove.

Never one for chains, Dove had the run of the yard and the neighborhood. Faithfully following us like a fluffy shadow, he’d often trot along when we ventured out in our little village.

Fast forward to the young me and my sisters. Our school days were beginning. Our school and kindergarten were neighbors. Knowing our timings as if he had them memorized, Dove would come to fetch us as if the school bell was his very own “kids alert”.

When mom trekked across the township, bypassing the bus, Dove was her tail-wagging bodyguard. He would stubbornly follow along despite countless attempts at shooing him back home. That’s how fiercely empathetic our boy Dove was. No matter what, he would ensure we returned home safe and sound.

But one fateful day, Dove wasn’t home and didn’t show up for his pick-up duties. Days later, he stumbled back, worn out and bruised, with a severed wound tail and ear. Terrified, we feared losing him, but he proved stronger than we thought, healing and retaining his gentle disposition despite the harrowing episode.

After that incident, we became extra protective of him. He found his cozy corners – a self-carved burrow during summer and a tiny wooden pillow during winter. Sometimes, it felt like he was a little person trapped in a fur body, such were his intuitive reactions.

From being terrified of water since puppyhood, proudly showing off his rat-chasing skills, to savoring corn cobs, Dove was unique with his quirks. He was our guardian, a wise grandpa in doggy form, looking after everyone in the yard.

I can’t forget the day my little cousin approached Dove, and he playfully pawed him. Although Dove meant no harm, it was a funny scene with my cousin expressing his surprise with a ‘huff puff’ sign of how the dog talked to him. We rolled over laughing.

Dove left this world at a ripe old age, leaving no pups behind but a heart full of memories.

Today, I invite you to share your pet-love journey or encounters with furball friends who left pawprints on your heart. Remember, when you return home to a wagging tail, every day becomes a little better.

So, are you ready to share your story?

What’s the story of the pet that changed your life?

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