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power of a story

The power of a story

Find out the power of a story. Why it has such a significant impact on our lives and how we can use this skill.

I want to teach you some techniques that will completely change your life. How to use the power of your story.

A short story from my past:

Twelve years ago, I worked as a souvenir seller. And among the things I had for sale was an artesian fountain with a dwarf spilling water into a lake. My coworker told me that we’d never sell that fountain, and I said that at least we can have fun with it. I took cardboard. And I wrote on it: “Make a wish at the Wish Fountain”, and I left some coins in the water.

That evening a family with two children passed and the girl stopped. I saw her whisper something and throw a coin.

And I was happy and laughing because I couldn’t believe that people were stopping to make a wish. That week I sold the fountain.

I believe we can all be Wish Fountains if we can see beyond our surface and learn to show our most extraordinary power through them.

How many of you love stories?

For me, this is how I understand others. I remember the history lessons I saw before my eyes. The nights with Seherezada, the characters from Oscar Wilde, Grimm Brothers, and William Shakespeare. When I was hiding with a flashlight under the blanket with a book and I didn’t think that could give me so many life lessons and even heal my wounds.

How many of you know that stories are also used in therapy? Children who cannot express an emotion or go through a traumatic event learn how to open up and solve their problems by listening to stories with characters that represent themselves.

However, in my opinion, the one who knows best the power of stories as a healing method is Tony Robbins. Each of us has a story we create about ourselves, whether we say it out loud or keep it to ourselves. And this story leads us to happiness or unhappiness. Because this story sets expectations for our future and if we do not meet them it will make us unhappy. This story tells us who we are; sometimes we can believe that we are our disease, and we cannot look beyond it. This story tells us if our life has meaning and is worth living. Don’t underestimate the power of your story.

How to write your story?

I know that we are often very hard authors with our own lives. I was like that too.

We expect to create a masterpiece from the first draft. The mistakes we make and the roads with traps we go to can be seen as a sign of our stupidity or of the pure evil that lies in us.

But what if we would look at life as a good author ourselves? We are on a hero’s journey. Our mistakes and failures are because we had little information back then, and we had to learn life lessons to mature. We have to go through many obstacles until we discover our inner power and then nothing will stop us.

No one will see the greatness in you until you see it and show it to the world.

I would like to give you an exercise for home, an exercise to return to the imagination, optimism, and innocence from childhood. Think about what life story you want to have. Something that deserves to be shared and lived. You can write it on a sheet and then read it every time you feel you need motivation.

Remember that you are the author of your own story and that you can always change the narrative voice of it. Your story is worth hearing, so start telling it and release the power of your story.

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