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manpower playlist

Top manpower playlist

Here’s a playlist of the best manpower songs I recommend. You can listen in the morning to motivate you or while running and exercising.

I’ve put together a list of manpower songs you can listen to when you want to work out or in the morning to give you an excellent start to your day.

1. Kanye West – Stronger

The song is inspired by Daft Punk’s Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. The electronic elements and hip-hop make this song the ideal combination of the old and new styles of music.

The song has received numerous awards and was a top seller in the summer of 2007.

2. Deliric x Silent Strike – $efu

It is a Romanian song about how to be a boss. “The Boss” is a song with a sarcastic message related to those who earn a lot of money without having done a real job in their life. But also a statement of how we can learn from them to have their success. The hip-hop style song found on Deliric’s official website has an original style both in rhythm and form. The two singers offer the music on the site for free, or you can pay as much as you want for what you hear. I tell you that after listening to the song, “you’ll come back to Deliric as an echo,” as he says.

3. Gesaffelstein – Hate or Glory

For those who don’t know the style, this electronic dance song is without lyrics and electrifying mixes. You’ll be hooked if you see the video. It’s the story of a young neighborhood boy who wants to be rich. The dip in molten gold that brings him glory and ultimately leads to his death, maybe an analogy of the extremes that wealth brings (hate and praise).

4. Eminem – Not Afraid

Eminem is known for producing songs inspired by his own life. His whole life is described in his songs. From fights with his wife to the rough road of his career. And the depression he went through when his boyfriend died. And now, this song is about starting over without drugs and violence. That’s what rap style is all about, telling the hard things in your life that you learn something from.

5. JAY Z, Kanye West – Otis ft. Otis Redding

It is a product of the first collaboration between Jay Z and Kanye West. It is a hip-hop style and has been praised by both critics and audiences.

This song appears on this top because of the lyrics that describe what it means to be successful and to get there. You have to work and have confidence in yourself.

6. Lil Wayne – Mirror ft. Bruno Mars

The pop song inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” emphasizes in its lyrics that change comes from you. And you are the only one who best understands what you’ve been through and that it is from yourself that the decay or rise to glory begins.

It’s a song that inspires you to be more honest with yourself and make the change you want.

7. Queen – We Are The Champions

The rock song written by Freddie Mercury received numerous awards and became the official song of the 1994 World Cup.

I put this song on the list because the song’s message is to enjoy your successes, which I recommend. All Queen songs because of the catchy beat, original lyrics, and combination of musical styles and lyrics that encourage you to be yourself and fight for what you believe in.

8. Bon Jovi – It’s My Life

It’s My Life is a song written by Bon Jovi in a rock style that received numerous awards and was in the top 10 songs in 2000.

The song’s message is: it’s our life, and we must live it now. That’s also what made me put it on this list.

9. Aloe Blacc – The Man

The Soul and R&B style song “The Man” is Aloe Blacc’s best song. It’s a motivational song that inspires you to have confidence that you can change the world.

10. Rag’n’Bone Man – Human

The Soul-style song “Human” has been compared to Hozier’s “Take Me to Church,” having a substantial impact on people and being very sincere in its lyrics.

The lyrics that inspire us to take responsibility make me put the song on this list. And not expect only part of us to take responsibility for what is happening in the world.

11. Kanye West – POWER

There shouldn’t be another singer who takes as much pride and love in himself as Kanye West. Sometimes he even goes to the extreme of narcissism. But his songs inspire you to trust yourself to succeed, so I recommend them.

Because before anyone can trust you, you have to trust yourself.

The hip-hop song “Power” that came out after the Taylor Swift controversy is Kanye West’s return to “stronger and better” music.

12. Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger

“Eye of Tiger” is a hard rock-style song that appeared in the movie Rocky III, which also made it famous in 1982. It has won numerous awards and talks about solid survival.

13. Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” is a grunge-style song released in 1991 and was critically acclaimed, winning two MTV awards.

The song appears on this list because it encourages you to keep your young, rebellious spirit and fight for what you want.

14. Rolling Stones – Start me up

This classic rock song appeared in 1981, full of energy and optimism. The lyrics encourage you not to give up and not to give in.

15. The Script – Hall of Fame

The song “Hall of fame” in pop-rock style appeared in 2012, made by The Script in collaboration with Will I am had the most significant success in Ireland.

The motivational message is that “anyone can become the best if they work for it.”

16. Frank Sinatra’s – My Way

It is an old song from 1969 inspired by the song “Comme habitude” by Claude Francois.

The message “I have regrets and joys in life, but I’m glad I lived my life my way” makes it on this list.

17. White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

This song mixes several styles: garage rock, pop, indie rock, and others. It was released in 2003 and won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Song.

The song has an energetic and trance-like style, conveying that “no matter who you have to fight, you have to face them and win the fight.”

18. Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard – Hold Strong

“Hold Strong” is an electronic dance song that came out in 2012 that I don’t know how many of you know, which is why I also recommend it.

It’s a perfect upbeat song, even when you’re at the gym. And it inspires me to stay strong no matter how hard it is.

19. Bryan Adams – Summer of 69

It’s a song for the melancholics. A rock song that will transport you back to the years of your youth when the world was your own.

20. LMFAO – Sexy and I Know It

It is an EDM-style song released in 2011. Very energetic, also good when you go to the gym. I recommend it because “You’re sexy, and I want you to know that.”

21. 2pac Ft The Game – Last Legends

It’s a song made in honor of 2pac. For those who don’t know who 2pac is, I recommend the video about his life, All Eyez, on me.

“Last legends,” through its lyrics, tells us not to forget those who died for the things they believed in, not to forget our role models.

22. Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard – Beast

Beast is a 2015 song that combines hard rock and rap. A piece of good music for when you go to the gym, making you give it your all.

It’s on this list because of the energy and power it offers.

23. Benny Benassi – Satisfaction

“Satisfaction” is a 2002 electronic dance style, Benassi’s best song. It has won numerous awards and has been used in commercials, movies, and electronic games.

It is on this list because of its energy and message “don’t give up on what you want.”

24. Eminem – Lose yourself

Another famous song by Eminem that also appeared in the movie about his life is 8 Miles. It won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Song and conveys that you only get one life and one chance at success or failure.

25. Rolling Stones – Wild Horses

It’s an old 1971 rock-style song and appears in the top 500 best songs.

And the message conveyed by the song is “don’t give up on what you want.”

26. Big Sean – One Man Can Change the World

It’s a rap song from 2014. It was written in honor of Big Sean’s grandmother, the first black woman to become a captain in the US Army.

The song contains the good things Sean learned from his grandmother, and that’s why the music is on this list.

27. Muddy Waters – Mannish Boy

Of the song styles, I consider blues the most masculine style of music. So this list couldn’t be complete without the song “Mannish Boy” by Muddy Waters.

Appearing in 1955, it is in the “Blues Hall of fame” list and in the Top 500 best songs of all time. The song explains what it means to be a man.

28. Cat Stevens – Father and Son

The 1970 folk rock-style song tells the story of a father and his son. The father doesn’t understand his son and tells him he has all the time in the world to enjoy life, and the son wants to say to him it’s time to follow his path to happiness.

29. The Chainsmokers & Coldplay – Something Just Like This

This 2017 electronic dance song was nominated as a Duet for a Grammy Award for Best Song Sung. A song that inspires you to wish for the best and dream of what you want. It’s energetic and uplifting.

30. Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World

The song first appeared in 1967 and made the Grammy hall of fame in 1999. And it’s an upbeat old tune that encourages us to enjoy all life offers.

His unique voice and the lyrics of the song are what make this song make this list.

I hope you enjoyed my recommendations. And if you want to listen to other song recommendations, you have here: Girl power Playlist and Best songs about friendship.

I hope you liked my recommendations. And for other suggestions, I’m waiting for you here with other interesting articles.

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