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What kind of friends I have in my life?

Find out what friendship means and what types of friends you have in your life. Discover your true friends because the quality of friendship it’s important.

It’s not easy to make friends. And keeping your friends is even more challenging. When you are young, you want to have as many as possible. And when you get older, you realize that quantity is not essential.

To find out what makes a person your friend, I list the qualities someone must have to be a friend.

What are the qualities of a true friend?

1. Provide support and encouragement.

For better and for worse, as in marriage, friendship is what prepares you for life and relationship. Keep your friend’s side, guide him to do good things, and support him in moments of success and failure.

2. Listen to your friend.

Listen to his problems and stories, and most of all, live those stories with him.

3. Be honest with your friend.

If something bothers you, tell your friend and try to find solutions to solve your problems. When you are wrong, acknowledge this and try to talk to your friend to remedy the situation.

4. Don’t gossip about your friend.

Don’t start rumors about your friend; don’t gossip when he is not near you.

5. Make time for your friend.

Everyone can have different activities throughout the day, but true friends are looking for activities they can do together. Don’t expect only the other person to come up with ideas for trips and meetings. Make time and brainstorm ideas for events or activities to carry out together. And don’t search for reasons not to hang out with your friends.

Although you two are friends, it doesn’t mean that you only need to spend time together. You have your own life as your friend. And it would be best if you made time for all your friends.

6. Get involved in the relationship if you want to keep it.

Show your appreciation and love. Don’t just ask for help. Offer help when needed. Communicate with your friend. Participate in the most important events of your friend.

7. Don’t have hidden reasons for being close to him.

Such as popularity (as in the Mean Girls movie), money, convenience (when you take advantage of the fact that he can help you with homework), or boredom (because you have nothing to do and that’s why you spend time with him). This can hurt the other person. Because no one wants someone to take advantage of their relationship.

8. Make your friend feel good in your company.

When your friend has a problem, encourage him and tell him everything will be fine. Don’t make him feel appreciated only when it’s just you two. Don’t pretend you don’t know your friend when you are with others. Don’t always be depressed, and expect your friend to always listen to your sad stories. Your friend is not your therapist. Even at the therapist, we do not focus on complaining about a situation. In therapy, as in discussions with friends, you focus on solving the problem, not on depressing the person in front of you.

Depending on how you behave in your life and what kind of people you tolerate around you, you will attract different types of friends.

What kind of friends do you have in your life?

1. The loyal friend:

He is the friend who supports you no matter your circumstances. This is the kind of friend who knows you. He loves you and appreciates you, just as you understand him.

2. The fearless friend:

He is the friend who takes you out of your comfort zone, helps you to live new experiences, meet new people, overcome your fears and reach your true potential. Courage is overwhelming and can make you do amazing things. Things you would not have known otherwise that you are capable of.

3. The sincere friend:

He is the friend who tells you the truth, but he does it because he loves you and knows you can do more extraordinary things. Sometimes this sincerity can be taken by others as something too harsh, but if you want to become a better person, you must acknowledge your weaknesses and the parts where you still have to work.

4. The wise friend:

He is the friend who knows more than you, has lived more, and can give you valuable advice. A wise friend can become a role model and an inspiration for his friends.

5. The friend from another culture:

He is the friend who gives you another perspective to see life, relationships, etc. It is because of cultural differences that it gets you out of your bubble and makes you see the actual problem.

6. The opposite friend:

This is the friend who completes you. The tendency is to conflict with him precisely because of your different way of thinking. However, if you can overcome this, you will learn how to interact with people who have different opinions from yours.

7. Neighbor friend:

Who says you have to look far away for a friend? You can find valuable people among your neighbors who can become your best friends. Although closeness is what makes your friendship appear, shared values ​​are what can keep this relationship in time.

8. The friend from work:

It is the friend who shares with you the fact that he works in the same institution. He can help you feel that the time spent at work is passing faster and more pleasantly. It’s much easier to unload your frustrations about the job to someone in the same situation as you. Not time, this kind of friendship can cross the boundaries of work, but if you manage to connect outside the workplace, you have found a friend.

9. The close friend:

He is the one who is like a brother or sister to you. Is the friend you first call when something important happens? The close friend is the one who holds a toast at your wedding. He is the one you love even when you are upset with him. The one with whom you keep the connection no matter what happens. He may be your aspiration in life and embedded deep in your soul. A close friend is a friend you go out with, who you invite to your home, and who asks you to his home. He may not have much in common with your other friends, but he likes to talk about what you want, what you think and feel.

10. The somewhat friend:

He is a friend you can meet on different occasions. You bound well, but if you were to move to another city, you would talk and see even less. Chances are that the most important news about this friend is to receive from another source than from him. He is the person with whom you had common interests or goals at one point in your life, but life made you separate your paths.

11. The friend of a friend:

He is the person you can meet in a larger group of friends. You may promise to meet separately from the group, but it may take several months and still not happen. This category includes colleagues you know from sight, friends of friends, neighbors near your home, people you go with within the same transport, etc. As long as you do not try to have broader conversations with these people, you will never become friends.

12. Not a Friend:

The person you know is out of sight or with whom you had a brief conversation at one point, but you’ve never really gone out. He is the person you could pretend to be sorry for when something wrong is happening to him, but in reality, you don’t care. In time this person can become a stranger to you.

13. The immature friend:

He is the one who always cries. The immature friend always wants to talk about himself and his problems and neglects you almost entirely your person. For him, the most important thing is solving his concerns, and when it comes to you going through a deadlock, he is not with you. With this kind of friend, it is preferable to end the relationship or discuss changing the situation.

14. The friend who always disappoints you:

He is the friend with whom when you are together, everything is lovely. But when you leave the room, he seems to have forgotten you. This friend promised to meet with you, but he doesn’t keep his word. He can gossip about you in the back. He may pretend that he does not know you. Never listen to your advice, although he asks for your opinion. This kind of friend is best to be avoided.

15. The friend who must be better than you:

He is the friend who always feels himself in competition with you. He feels so much better when you go wrong and shows you that he is better than you.

What kind of friends do you have from this list?

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