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why do I do what I do

Why do I do what I do, see my motivational story!

What is the internal motivation for what he does? Why do I do what I do? Find my story and see if you find something in it that can help you.

Although it might sound like a cliché: I want a better world.

And it’s not like I suddenly woke up with this opinion. The more complicated it got, the idea that I deserve a better world was built in my heart and mind.

And it was hard.

 At five years old, I tried to protect my grandmother, whom her husband beat.
At 12 years old, walking 6 km every day to school. Take care of the little ones to go and leave together no matter the weather.
I at 13 when my father said he would teach me to be a woman.
At 20 years working 15 hours and having time to eat only once a day.
I am 25 years old with a master’s degree, working as a socks seller for 150 euros per month.
At 26 years old, I was in the hospital, thinking I would lose my younger sister.

 And you think all the things you go through must make sense. Is it?
You must come to a point to growl and shout: “I have suffered enough. I want a better world. And if you do not give it to me, I will build it, brick by brick.”

When my father died, do you know what he left me? A debt of 6200 euros. Such a sweaty man.

When you can do so many things in this life, the only good thing you do is to be your children. Why do we sleep all our lives at the end? We say: “You have to change the world. For me is too late now.”

And I will change it. I’m building it.

How do I build a better world?

I thought that as a volunteer, I would help many people and create a better world. Then I realized that I could do what I wanted by starting to build myself and heal myself.
I learn to know myself and discover new talents so that I can share my knowledge. I did all kinds of courses.

I’ve read over 500 books, and I know this because I am obsessed with summarizing everything.

I learned from over 300 video courses. Design and programs for innovation.

I learned about the organization, management, blogging, SEO, and content writing.
I became a better person, trying to work better and even improve where I could. Telling people how I feel and appreciating them whenever I have the opportunity. And being a role model for others.
At 28, I realized I could have a more significant impact as I met more people who knew my life story. So I created my blog in my native language (Romanian). Here, over 70,000 people a month learn how to communicate and have more courage.
I have a financial education podcast, courses, and games on this topic with my husband.
To make a change, that’s why I’m here. Creating this blog.

What’s next?

Become the teacher I didn’t have. The one that is preparing you for life. Not the one training you for another school. To be the person who creates startups and inspires others to become entrepreneurs. And the person who helps others make the doors that they can open.

That’s why I do what I do.

YOU, what do you do?

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